A proud race. The kingdom of the Dwarfs is known as Hallrgard, which is ruled by the royal priest family of Hallr. The current king HallbJörn has drawn some criticism for allowing some Elves to become citizens as well as opening up trade for the elves of the surface.

Their Kingdom stretches throughout the mantel of the Terra all the way to the lower levels of the Abyss and the unknown depths where the Orcs reside, and they have a seemingly never ending conflict with. Unable to use Arcane magic without complicated blood transfusions from humans, the dwarfs have let the humans create their own subsidiary cities inside Hallrgard in exchange for service of their magic users.

The Dwarfs also run the church of Ásvaldr whom is worshiped primarily by them and humans.

When a dwarf dies his or her body literally becomes Stone after three days of “rotting” or rather becoming stone itself. This most likely led to their worship of ancestors which they still believe become watchful spirits or demigods after transformation to stone. Because of this, to raise a dwarf in Necromancy before a body has been transformed and even resurrection (to a lesser extent), is viewed with hatred. While this practice on other races bothers the dwarfs little however.


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