Once the sole masters of Arcane magic, all elves now remember their age before the Tearing when their kingdom of Aelrretyn was powerful enough to defeat The Old Ones.

Hated or at the very least distrusted by most races today as the cause of the Tearing. Most elves have been relegated to the hostile, cold, watery, and sunless surface of Abyss. Unable to use Arcane magic unless they transfuse with the blood of Humans, most elves seek other forms of dealing with the harsh environment of the surface.

A few small Settlements have been able to thrive with some success, the most notable being Eilro. The elven fighters of Eilro in the past years have made a name for themselves as some of the strongest fighters in the upper Abyss.

Most elves do not worship Ásvaldr for they blame him for their current hardships, while some that do, blame the empire of Aelrretyn. The predominant belief in a greater one of The Spirits Fiahel who brings hardship but also strength.


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