Once look on as the least of all races, humans now hold a place as the prime users of Arcane magic.

At the Tearing, Ásvaldr interceded and took the gift of arcane power from the elves and gave it to humans. Humans today worship Ásvaldr for this, which enabled them to find a place among the Dwarfs of Hallrgard.

The blood of humans can be used in any other race however with a complicated magic blood transfusion. Because arcane power is needed for this, humans are normally in control of whom they allow it to be used by, although it is known of for other races (mostly elves) to kidnap a human and force to transference ritual.

All of the “Half” races, such as Half-Orcs, and Half-Elves are able to use arcane magic as much as pure blood humans.

Most Humans live in the cities given to them by the Dwarfs. The most notable being Janas.


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