The Lesser Gods

The few gods that existed before the Tearing are said to have been created by The Old Ones or by something else. Regardless, in the absence of the Old Ones these gods have become the focuses of worship by the mortals of Abyss.

When a mortal desires to serve a god there is usually a ritual in which a spirit emissary of the god will join with the mortal, at this time the mortal is able to use Divine magic.

The most well known god is Ásvaldr, who is said to have stopped the Tearing, and given magic to Humans. Because of this and the place of power he put them in, he is primarily worshiped by the Dwarfs and Humans, although other races revere him as well.

The Other Lesser Gods, are: Lesser God list

The Spirits as well are thought as less than the Lesser Gods but are worshiped as well, especially the by the Elves.

The Lesser Gods

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